Help & FAQ

  • How does the LookforEstate portal work?

    LookforEstate is a portal for placing advertisements for the sale of luxury properties as well as for finding such. Therefore, as LookforEstate, we offer our customers two basic services: the opportunity to place their own advertisements for selling properties and the chance to get to know ads for the sale of high-class estates. LookforEstate focuses on making the use of the portal a pleasant and intuitive experience for our customers. At the same time, we make every effort to ensure that advertisements appearing on the platform reach lovers of the highest quality architecture and excellent design. Moreover, we provide our clients with access to a constantly growing database of exclusive houses and apartments.

  • How can I place an ad on the portal

    Thank you for doing so! If you would like to place an ad on the website, please go to the Contact tab, where you can fill in the contact form. After we receive your form, our employee will contact you in order to complete missing information and to notify you that your ad has appeared on our portal.

  • On which markets will my advertisement appear?

    Your advertisement will be available in: Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Poland, Monaco, Australia, Ireland, Malta, United States, United Kingdom.

  • In which languages will my advertisement be available?

    Your advertisement will be available in many languages - we understand that reaching out to a diverse audience is extremely important! We focus on publishing advertisements in the following languages: English, German, French and Polish.

  • Do I have to pay for the advertisement?

    The fee for placing an ad is only 99€ one time. However, we currently have a promotion until [date] and you can place your ad for free!

  • Does LookforEstate charge commission from buyers?

    No! We do not charge any commission. During this time we prefer to be happy that thanks to our services a lucky transaction may occur. We would like to emphasize that we do not interfere at any stage with the flow of information and negotiations between the clients placing the advertisement and those interested in buying the property. All data and messages are passed directly to the clients placing the advertisement.

  • Does LookforEstate charge commission from sellers?

    No! We do not charge any commission. We are pleased that our customers have been able to achieve their goal of selling their property with our services. At no stage do we interfere with the flow of information between the customer placing the advertisement and those interested in buying the property.

  • Does LookforEstate offer any packages of services related to the publication of the advertisement?

    At LookforEstate we take an individual approach to each client, because we are aware that everyone has different needs and ideas regarding the real estate sales process. As a result, possible service packages are negotiated individually with the customer. If you are interested in such a service, please contact us, e.g. by filling in the form in the Contact tab.

  • Will LookforEstate offer me an interpreter in case of contact with a foreign language person who will respond to my advertisement?

    At LookForEstate we ensure that advertisements are published in accordance with the client's recommendations and we believe that direct conversations with the client are the most effective. We leave the contact with the person responding to the advertisement to the client, who can arrange the conversation himself. We therefore recommend that you indicate the language in which you want to communicate with the respondents to your advertisement. If you have not indicated this during the submission of your offer - nothing terrible! You can always contact us for further information.

  • What information should be provided in the application for placing an advertisement?

    In order to make an advertisement as effective as possible, we need precise information. Please send us the price, address of the property, the number of rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, as well as information about the area of the property and the plot on which it is located. Photos showing the property are essential. If the property has additional utilities such as a balcony, terrace, basement, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, winter garden, gym, fireplace or other that are not listed here - please provide this information.

  • What format should the photos be in?

    Please send photos in .png, .jpg or .jpeg format.

  • What to do in order to revoke/remove the advertisement?

    If you want to remove an advertisement, please go to the Contact tab and notify us of such a requirement. The advertisement will be removed immediately upon receipt of such information.

  • Can real estate agencies also place advertisements?

    Of course! We are happy to cooperate with professionals who mediate in the process of buying and selling real estate and we do not ask if the person who wants to place an advertisement is the owner of the real estate or acts on behalf of such a person.

  • How long does it take for my ad to appear on the website?

    We do our best to make your ad appear on the portal as soon as possible. Usually it takes us several hours - no longer than one working day. Of course, we are constantly working to improve and speed up the process.

  • Can I highlight my ad in any way?

    Currently we do not offer any distinctions for advertisements, but we are working on introducing several specials.

  • How long will my ad appear on the website?

    The ad will be visible on the website until the client informs us that the ad is outdated and asks us to remove it.

  • How can I extend the period of displaying an advertisement on the website?

    There is no need to do so - the ad is active until the customer informs us that he would like to remove it.

  • Will my data be safe?

    LookforEstate places particular emphasis on the protection of customer data. We ensure that all transmitted data on the website is encrypted and secured with an SSL certificate.

  • How can I pay?

    We currently accept payments made by bank transfer. Over time, however, we hope that we will introduce other forms of payment very soon.

  • What currencies do you accept?

    We accept payments in Euro. However, we are constantly working on including other currencies in our payment system.